Friday, March 6, 2009

Lunetta Eclipsed by Skimpy Wallets

The ground floor restaurant space at the corner of Broadway and 21st Street is once again empty.

Lunetta, an Adam Shepard establishment, is no more. After Mayrose (the previous diner-fare tenant that was there for years) closed up Lunetta did a nice overhaul of the place to set it up in memory of classic mid-century New York Italian eateries. It was a beautiful place with huge windows, fun for watching the NYC street scene while dining.

We will miss you, Lunetta, and we hope that your sister in Brooklyn, La Lunetta, is still shining.


  1. What an awfully depressing item for your blog. The proof of problems you didn't see before, the closure of shops. We haven't see that happen over here yet, business goos on as usually but I hear people complain...